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Thriving in an AI World: Tips for PPC Professionals

Artificial intelligence is changing digital marketing drastically. Search Engine Journal even named 2019 the Year of Automated PPC. From automated bidding, ad placements, and even ad creation, it can feel as though humans aren’t necessary for PPC.

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This is where digital marketers start to panic – when we see the work we are used to doing become increasingly automated. However, since we can’t escape automation, PPC professionals must find a way to coexist, and outperform, machines alone.

Former Google Ads evangelist Frederick Vallaeys along with Hanapin’s own Jeff Baum will give you guidance to thrive in this new AI landscape, as well as provide some brand new research and insights on AI and automation, brought to you by the Hanapin Research team.

In addition, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to position yourself to work with automation.
  • A roadmap of skills you’ll need in this new environment.
  • How to best leverage your skill set with the latest automation features.

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