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Snapchat’s 6-Second Commercials Now Have Swipe-Up Capabilities – Adweek

Snapchat revealed some new video advertising options at Advertising Week New York Tuesday, including a maximum length of three minutes and giving users the ability to swipe up during its six-second commercial ads.

The company said the aim is to give advertisers more creative flexibility and more options for their video ad campaigns.

Boosting the maximum duration of Snap Ads to three minutes checks that box, as Snapchat provided the example of an entertainment studio being able to run a full film trailer ad, rather than a partial trailer that prompts Snapchatters to swipe up in order to view the rest.

Snapchat emphasized that the user experience will not change, and Snapchatters will still interact with ads the same way they always have.

The new swipe-up capability on six-second commercials means that viewers can now interact or take actions, which they were unable to do when the format was video-only.

Advertisers can ad swipe options for actions such as switching to web view, long-form video or the messaging application’s camera.

A new bidding option is also available to advertisers on Snapchat. They can now use new optimization type goal-based bidding to fine-tune their ads and reach viewers who will watch 15-second videos.

Snapchat said optimizing for 15-second views can help boost brand engagement and recall on its platform.

Finally, Snapchat shared some pricing details, revealing that commercials sold via auction are seeing CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) of $10 to $11 and CPCV (cost per completed view) averaging around one cent.

The company added that fixed CPMs for its Snap Select premium inventory option will be in the low teens, varying based on targeting.

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