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Multiple Topics vs One Topic for an Affiliate Blog ⋆

Q: Should I have one blog with multiple topics or one domain per topic?

Shawn Collins ASE19

A: There is no correct way to set up and run a blog. But one key thing is that if you cover multiple topics I would recommend that they have something that ties them together.

For instance, if you wanted to blog about the city you live in and promote related affiliate links, it would make sense to cover news, sports, politics, etc all on that site.

But a blog that tries to be everything, without some overall theme tying it together, will not have an audience.

Do you know the old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? That’s not a good approach for a blog, because you can essentially replace “master” with “audience”.

My blogs typically have one clear topic and then posts are broken down to five or so different categories.

For instance, my site 512.soccer was created as a fan site for the upcoming Major League Soccer team, Austin FC. So, a lot of my links are for Austin FC merchandise on MLSsoccer.com.

But I also mention other soccer-related products and news, so I’ll link out to Amazon and other places, too.

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