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Monday’s First Things First – Adweek

Welcome to First Things First, Adweek’s new daily resource for marketers. We’ll be publishing the content to First Things First on Adweek.com each morning (like this post), but if you prefer that it come straight to your inbox, you can sign up for the email here.

Ikea’s First UK Holiday Ad Is a Hilarious Rap About How Your Apartment Is Crap

Christmas ads, almost without fail, deliver a heartwarming holiday message about love, charity and family. Ikea did not get memo. Its first UK holiday ad produced a memorable rap about why your apartment needs a facelift. The 90-second “Silence the Critics” spot is set to a custom rap track recorded in the style of Britain’s grime genre by artist MC D Double E.

Watch It: A variety of decorations and toys come to life to express serious concerns about the state of a couple’s flat.

Why Little Caesars Sent Its $200 Million Creative Account to McKinney

How do you follow the creative goofiness of Barton F. Graf? McKinney is about to find out after Barton F. Graft closed down, leaving its clients looking for new agency partners. Little Caesars was looking for an agency that could act as a strategic partner, demonstrate breakthrough creative in an integrated campaign, permeate pop culture and be a good cultural fit for Little Caesars.

Read more: Learn why McKinney checked off so many boxes for the pizza chain best known for its $5 Hot-N-Ready pie.

Designers Side-Eye Facebook’s New Corporate Logo

We asked 12 designers what they thought of FACEBOOK’s new corporate logo. The results? Split. Four liked. Four disliked. Four were meh. Why was it disliked? It’s confusing, it looks like it’s shouting at us, it doesn’t distinguish itself and it’s not unique.

Read more: See why some designers think it was an effective move.

These 6 Ads Are the Most Effective Multicultural Marketing Messages in Recent Years

At the ANA Multicultural Conference Marketing & Diversity Conference, P&G’s Marc Pritchard revealed a handful of ads from the past couple years that succeeded at reaching a multicultural audience. The ads were graded using a tool that identifies the effectiveness of cultural relevance to show how advertising inclusivity resonates with a diverse audience and gauge the impact it has on brand loyalty, purchase intent and sales. The ads ranged the beloved “Love Has No Labels” campaign to Gillette’s “Nothing Comes Easy” campaign.

Read more: View all six ads, two of which were produced by Lopez Negrete Communications, an independent, Hispanic-owned agency in Houston.

Best of the Rest: Today’s Top News and Insights

Ad of the Day: Twitter’s New Ads Have Some Fun With the Fact That Users Can’t Stop Looking

People have a lot of compulsions, some obviously less healthy than others. Where does Twitter addiction fall on that scale? That probably depends on who you follow and how often you’re willing to wade into arguments with strangers.

How Do You Build a Culture Where Experimenting and Failing Is Accepted?

Brett Craig, CCO, Deutsch LA

You have to lead with resilience. Because even more than pure talent, I believe dogged perseverance is a creative’s greatest asset. The reality is, you will have far more failures than successes. For every 30 ideas, you’re lucky if you make one. A creative’s career is really a series of conceptual misses punctuated by the occasional hit. So, overcoming these “tough moments” when you fail to hit the target, is actually the job description. Any other expectation coming into this business is naïve and will set you up for a lot of disappoint and, likely, early burnout.

Chamie Baldwin, chief strategy officer, Burns Group

Approach every task with a beginner’s mind. Having that mindset tosses out preconceived notions of “that didn’t work last year” or “no one else does it that way.” There isn’t a right or wrong answer…only a fresh perspective. Encourage your teams to solve an issue and then flip it on its head and solve it again—but through a different lens. I like using this analogy: emphasize the shots on the goal vs. the winning shot. When the entire agency works this way, no one thinks “I’ve failed”…but rather “I’m trying something different.”

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