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LinkedIn’s Marketing Success Hub Now Has an Insights and Research Page – Adweek

Information available via the professional network’s Insights and Research page is broken up into three categories.

The People Insights section provides data on top audiences on LinkedIn, including location, skills and influencers they follow. This information can be filtered by professional cohorts such as C-suite, small business owners and information technology decision-makers.

The Industry Insights section provides vertical-specific insights in categories such as financial services, technology and healthcare, including high-level business-to-business marketing trends and studies on thought leadership.

And the Advertising Insights area is a source for guidance on sophisticated performance measurement, branding techniques and tactics and research and advice on aligning sales and marketing departments when it comes to their approach on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions head of North American insights Jennifer Brett said in a blog post, “It’s never been easier to access the full depth of LinkedIn insights you can leverage to inform your marketing strategy and elevate your results. By understanding the makeup and behaviors of your audience, the context of your industry and the most recommendable practices for LinkedIn advertising, you’ll be poised to make smart decisions geared toward sustainable growth.”

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