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Google Search Console Makes it Easier to Verify Domain Properties

Google is working with with domain name registrars to automate the process of verifying domain properties in Search Console.

Domain properties were introduced to Search Console this year as a way of providing site owners with a complete view of their data.

Feedback has been positive since rolling out domain properties, with some users saying they find domain properties more useful than traditional URL prefix properties.

“A common feedback we heard from users is that before moving to domain properties they were underestimating their traffic, and the new method helped them understand their clicks and impressions aggregated data more effectively. When we asked Domain property users about their satisfaction with the feature, almost all of them seem to be satisfied.”

The main thing holding site owners back from moving to domain properties is the difficulty with getting their domain verified.

Google is making this process easier by guiding users through the necessary steps to update registrar configuration, which in turn will ensure the DNS record includes the verification token provided by Google.

Here’s how to use auto-DNS configuration

Follow these steps to verify your domain using the new flow:

  • Click “add property” from the property selector
  • Choose the “domain” option
  • Go through the guided steps to complete the process (one of which includes a visit to your domain registrar)

Google assures site owners there will be fewer and easier steps than the previous DNS verification method.

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