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BBC Global News Teams With FedEx for New Series About Global Trade – Adweek

Looking to increase its international presence, Memphis-based FedEx Express will dip into the entertainment pool via a unique sponsorship and branded content deal with BBC Global News around a new multiplatform series.

FedEx Express will be the exclusive sponsor of Made on Earth, an eight-episode series premiering Sunday on BBC World News network. The show explores the world’s changing trading networks, which help businesses big and small reach billions of potential customers around the world.

The show’s digital hub, which is where most of the FedEx branding will sit, features articles, links to episodes on the BBC’s video streaming section, BBC Reel, and a series of commercial films created by BBC StoryWorks (BBC News’ commercial content-marketing division). Everything will be available to view on BBC World News and on the BBC’s social media accounts.

In addition to being the exclusive sponsor of the Made on Earth online hub, FedEx appears in the show’s credits as being “delivered in association with.”

Made on Earth will also be subtitled in the local languages where it appears on international BBC News sites—including BBC Afrique, BBC Brasil, BBC Chinese, BBC Mundo and BBC.jp in Japan—which adds value to the deal for FedEx.

“Global trade is our business. This strategic partnership with BBC Global News gives a voice to the entrepreneurs, manufacturers and consumers of goods from around the world and shows the endless possibilities available,” FedEx corporation evp and chief marketing and communications officer Brie Carere said in a statement. “The unique combination of the BBC’s compelling storytelling and worldwide reach will ensure that the subject of international trade will make an impact with audiences globally.”

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