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A Travel Site Convinced 61 Strangers To Get A ‘Collective Tattoo’ In the Name of Unity – Adweek

We’ve all seen the weird brand tattoos people get (remember when Flyers fans started plastering Gritty on their bodies when the NHL mascot was unveiled?), but it’s not every day that a company can convince a group of strangers from around the world to get inked up for an ad campaign.

However, it appears as though Momondo, a travel search site based in Denmark, was able to do just that recently. With help from Copenhagen agency &CO, Momondo set out to create “The World Piece,” a global project that symbolically connects people from different countries via the tattoos on their backs.

According to the brand, the hope is that the effort will remind others that there are “more things uniting us than dividing us,” and encourage people to travel with an open mind.

&CO claims it got “thousands upon thousands” of responses when it first put out the request for the project back in 2018. It’s unclear how it whittled that number down to 61, but the result is a touching short film that shows each person uniting in London to share their reasons for joining the project and finally getting the chance to form the “collective tattoo” with one another.

In the video, many of the participants share deeply personal stories; one woman admits that when she was younger, she “would have hated” most of the people surrounding her because of their skin color or religion, but now realizes that she was just “afraid of the whole world.” Another woman shares that she worries about her daughter since the two have different skin colors.

“In this project, we wanted to test people’s will to connect and see how strong that will really is,” said Robert Cerkez, creative director at &CO, in a statement. “How far are people willing to go in order to bring the world that bit closer together? That’s a tough task. And we didn’t want to make it easy. Not for ourselves and not for our participants.”

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