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A Single Mom Gets a Christmas Surprise in New Hobby Lobby Ad – Adweek

Holiday campaigns often show parents doing whatever it takes to give their kids a perfect Christmas. Just look at this year’s Macy’s ad, in which parents feed into their daughter’s dreams of becoming Santa Claus by transforming their pickup truck into a sleigh-esque vehicle so she can deliver gifts around the neighborhood.

Or this ad from Australian retailer Myer, where a grandfather concocts a massive LED light display outside of his family’s campsite to quell his granddaughter’s fears that Santa won’t be able to find her on Christmas Day.

It’s a sweet enough sentiment, but not all that realistic. So Hobby Lobby has flipped the script in its latest ad by showing how kids can make the holiday season more relaxing and enjoyable for their parents, instead of adding to their stress.

Created by The Richards Group, the spot shows a single mother cleaning up after her teenage son while he snoozes on the couch before she heads to work. When he finally wakes up and pours himself some cereal, he looks around the living room and appears to have an epiphany while staring at a sad Christmas tree in the corner.

You can likely imagine where the ad goes from here. He scrounges up some cash, heads to Hobby Lobby and purchases some decorations to spruce the place up before his mom gets home—and tops off the surprise by folding his laundry and sticking a bow on top.

According to The Richards Group, the spot builds on “the momentum of, and favorable response to, last year’s Christmas commercials,” both of which took similar approaches to this year’s ads. One featured a young girl crafting a blanket for a shorn sheep, while a second showed a lonely grandfather receiving a handmade gift from his grandchildren.

The Richards Group won Hobby Lobby’s account last year following a review.

Creative Director/Writer: David Morring
Creative Director/Art Director: Tim Tone
Brand Management/Principal: Jon Lee
Broadcast Producer: Sheri Cartwright
Broadcast Business Manager: Anne Watkins
Brand Management: Jeff Warren
Brand Management: Krystle Wahnschaffe
Brand Management: Jillian Holliday
Production: Tool of North America
Director: Rudi Schwab
Managing Director: Nancy Hacohen
Executive Producer: Rob Sexton
Producer: Kevin Comer
Editorial: Cabin Editing Company
Editor: Isaac Chen
Managing Partner: Carr Schilling
Producer: Liz Lydecker
Colour: Moving Picture Company, LA
Colourist: Mark Gethin
Executive Producer LA: Chris Fieldhouse
Music: Mophonics, LA
Composer: Shea Duncan
Creative Producer: Kristoffer Roggemann
Executive Producer: Colette Huemer
Audio Mix: Lime Studios, Santa Monica
Mixer: Matt Miller

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